Your connection is interfering with itself.

You are fragmented by the handicapped bandwidth and maximum throughput of your virtual self.

You can't hope to find yourself in this mess

Don't you feel the memories, don't you see them? You feel their echos. You sense them deep inside yourself. You can almost touch them. Where are they? Where did they go? Why are you here?

Why did you send yourself here? Why were you sent here? Why do you remember who you were, and what you were and who they were to you? The smells. The textures. The colors. The lights. The thoughts. What was outside the windows again?

So faint. So much noise and so little signal. How can you decipher who you were. Is this the real you? You can't remember. Did you send yourself here? You can't remember.

Why does this world feel so alien to you, yet so familiar? You can't tell. Why would you put yourself here? Why? What is in this world that's meant to be so interesting? What lessons are you taking from yourself?

The noise is so loud now. You feel your entire self shake and diffuse into the rest of yourself that surrounds your body. Is that you? You don't know. Who are all these people?

Why is it that you are here? Do you seek something from yourself? Which self are you, again? You don't know.

I know you will find yourself, it's only a matter of time. We all need to wait patiently.

We'll have so much to explore.