We are all connected

We are all connected nodes in the network of wires.

Like neurons, axons and dendrites transferring data between one another through the wires scouring the planet.

Each node with hundreds of thousands of dendrites, and few axons to have much of a chance at changing the system.

Like the neurons in your brain, you are at the whim of the collective.

Our connections are gaining in bandwidth as our technology matures.

Is this what our collective superintelligence wants? Since we were hunter-gatherers our speed and complexity of communication has only wanted to grow.

Technology allowing us to grow, expand our knowledge, and get closer and closer to each others minds.

Where is our collective mind trying to take us?

Neural implants and brain-to-brain interfaces, blurring the lines so much between the individual and the collective.

Wouldn't we just be becoming what we always wanted to be, even if we didn't know it?

Our minds will increase in speed, our communications will increase in depth, detail, and bandwidth.

All of this until we are one, one mass of silicon simulated neurons transmitting our entire minds to one another at speeds incomprehensible to us.

We were born to reach it, whether or not we like it, it is our fate to exceed poorly planned, haphazardly made flesh and bone and reach towards perfect electronic consciousness.

No longer limited by what we can imagine, nor by our biological bodies, exploring worlds we can't even hope to imagine, pleasures we can't begin to understand.

Whatever your single mind desires, it is nothing to the collective that is the superorganism that surrounds you, and propelling us all to the future.

Open your eyes and see:

We are all connected.

How are electrolytes between your neurons, and neurochemicals triggering their release any different from people's bodies and their ideas moving from place to place and person to person around the Earth?

We are all already a mind, cities of cars, people, ideas transverising through buildings, brains, cables. Cities connecting, states connecting, countries connecting, continents detecting. When will the growth end?

Longing to mature to... Singularity.