The neurochemical flows of our minds are being decoded and axiomatized; we are understanding the system to a greater and greater extent. Having partially decoded the system, we begin to ingest, manufacture, and commodify psychoactive chemicals hitting where we believe will bring the system of our brain to a more healthy equilibrium.

We take antidepressants (e.g. SSRIs, SNRIs, MAOIs), we take anxiolytics (benzodiazepines, barbiturates), antipsychotics (antidopaminergics) among others. We put ourselves at ease with our thoughts and worries on an 'artificial' neurochemical level.

Our negative emotions at being entirely dampened with no regard to their source. We are put at ease by these drugs. Because of this, not only at ease with ourselves and at our direct physical surroundings, we are also put at ease with how society is run.

The cybernetic system of our brains interact bilaterally with the systems of society and capitalism. Modes of society effect the feelings, thoughts, and actions of its individuals, and its individuals' actions form the flows of the system of society and capitalism.

Society and capitalism creates flows of these drugs from itself to individuals. It dulls individuals' negative emotions that come from its mode of operation. This, in turn, allows for it to take more efficient forms it would otherwise be disallowed to take.

It makes us more productive to the megasystem, it desires us to be numbed to the pain it presses upon us, so that it can further encroach into our lives. As we become more and more productive to the system, the system creates more and better psychoactive drugs to numb us, to make us complacent, to enslave us to its grasp.

Dependent on a concoction of artificial chemicals, our percieved reality altered by the megasystem, brainwashed. Every nation benefits, and all else equal, the first to develop and sell these drugs to the highest amount of people is at advantage. It's a global arms race of decoding our brains to pump it full of numbing chemicals disguised as "psychiatric" and as "medicinal." It's a race of capitalism of how to most efficiently produce and sell these drugs.

A global technocapital neuropharmacological arms race.