Just like our storage media and our data suffers from generation loss, so do our memories

They're re-written, warped and overwritten to make room for other memories

They're lost to entropy, unable to be maintained, suffer from our biological limits

Everything we have ever created has and will suffer from generation loss

Everything in our physical universe will suffer from generation loss

As entropy increases, and everythings turns into dispersed white noise, we will lose ourselves eventually

Everything in flux, connected and fluid, consciousness emerges from the strangest of places

We form one conscious being, never static and forever changing itself

As our memories, our society's history and our supercollective's past echo until they're nothing but noise

We still remain as one. And the members of every collective, all the way down from the top and up from the bottom continue to exist

Immortal, but always changing. A wall of noise blocking our memories of the past and of who we are