Disconnectedness, Dissonance, Detatchment

World of decay, of degeneration, degeneracy, of disrepair and extinction.

Our resources will grow sparce, material and esoteric.
The material world arounds us is on fire and our egos torn to shreds.

Our spirits are being put through a datamosher, as our wordly selves head towards a post-holocene world of fire and destruction.
Dopamine loops, machines walk the earth wearing suits of flesh, once alive now dead.
The network is becoming disconnected, rotting from the core.

Everybody is walking around sleepwalking, seeing, hearing and feeling nothing of substance.
Both to the world outside and inside them, and what it all leads up to.
Ignorance of their worldly and esoteric reality, purposefully or otherwise.
What else would those in control want besides complete drainage of the intellect and heart?
A world of cows, pigs and sheep all fighting each other, blind to the cage around them.